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CampMap 2020 expedition @camping Casa din Delta - Danube Delta
10 Nov 2020

CampMap 2020 expedition @camping Casa din Delta - Danube Delta

CampMap, from caravans to caravans, probably the most complete platform / map developed in Romania, containing camping, hosts, off-camping locations, parking lots or RV representations!

A small step for the man, a big step for the caravan!

Looking forward to the soul, with the fullness and the presentation of the platform "in your pocket", we headed to Murighiol, on a Thursday afternoon, for a meeting that I already saw as auspicious, even only after estimates made on online reactions.


So, we set off. I also made a rubber wedge, many of you saw the live from that moment, another kind of adventure unwanted by any caravan (especially when you have to fight with an aggregate of about 3t plus a trunk full of eyes, so as befits any adventurer who goes on an expedition be it for only 3 days), but I mentioned the incident to signal how important it is to have not only a wheel wrench, but also a wheel wrench reserve and, Ideally, a healthy kit with healthy tools, to avoid too many beeps :) in a possible filming! Because that's the only thing that saved us, after the (original) wheel wrench broke due to a stubborn stud!


Finally, we arrived in Murighiol, at Camping - Pension "Casa din Delta", a beautiful and very clean campsite on the shores of Lake Murighiol, where our hosts Cristina and Gabriel, two young people who built a dream, smart and open people new and innovation, they caught our initiative "in flight" and so was born the CampMap Expedition - Murighiol - 2020. In the year of the pandemic, we took all the measures recommended by the authorities and joined forces to launch the campaign "Caravan with advantage", of the launch of the CampMap sticker with discount and benefits but also at the official presentation of the platform.


At our call, several crews answered "present", whom we thank for their interest and support and who we are sure have benefited, like us, from a few beautiful days of relaxation in a beautiful place, enjoying meals with fish and traditional products, but also a pleasure boat ride in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, at a wonderful sunrise, in mid-October, all set up by us and our gas.


The presentation of the initiative was done in two stages. The first one on Saturday evening, brought to the fore, the CampMap platform, with all the facilities it provides to caravans, from the map and its easy access, to the direct connection with the campsites included in the program, the precise details and verified about their accommodation capacities, facilities, tourist objectives and zonal entertainment, up to contact data such as phone, web page, e-mail or even link to the video story made by the CicoBella team part of the "Camping with Story" program, all being directly active at the touch of a button!



The second important part of the expedition was the launch of the CampMap sticker, which offers its owner, benefits that any caravan appreciates in discounts starting from 10% and up to 40%, to camping partners, hosts, service, RV rental offices or even specialty stores. Shortly after the launch of the program, starting with our hosts in Murighiol, the Delta House, offering a discount to any CampMap sticker holder (more details about facilities, discount and much more you can read in the article "Home to the Delta House" but we recommend you to watch here the video story filmed by us on the spot), along with the other over twenty units that have joined the initiative, so far, the interest of many other campsites is growing, coming offers of collaboration and we Partner locations are added daily to our map with the agreement of discount protocols. Which we enjoy enormously and we feel very inspired and determined to work even harder!...



...and we will work hard, not only to increase the database, but also to communicate with tourism investors and campsite owners, as well as to improve communication between us and them, but even between the locations themselves, so that the community can to evolve, to define itself, to acquire even more substance and attractiveness, and the result and gain of all to be on the one hand a top informational product, dedicated to caravans, and on the other hand, an approach that educates, civilizes alike and campsites, but also their customers, to be permanently the promoter of an attitude of respect, cleanliness and reciprocity fair play, a new way to travel, more civilized, more beneficial to all those who are part of the camping / caravan phenomenon in Romania and not only.

Let's have good roads, in places and with beautiful stories!

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