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Home ... at ... camping Casa din Delta!
15 Nov 2020

Home ... at ... camping Casa din Delta!

CampMap, de la rulotiști pentru rulotiști, probabil cea mai completă platformă/hartă dezvoltată în România, ce conține locații camping, gazde, off-camping, parcări sau reprezentanțe RV!

As Romanian says, your home far away, from your home!

Who doesn't feel like traveling and adventure? If there's anyone, it's not us! We also like travel and adventure!
So I went to Murighiol, the Camping Casa din Delta! (What is this? I didn't know, but I found out as soon as I got there)

We reached the hosts in the dark, eager to meet us! Such welcoming people! ... It's like we got home! Or to lifelong friends! Cristina and Gabriel, young, smart and beautiful people! How we like it! Like the rest of the team together, Ioana and Alex! And to make matters worse, they feasted on us with freshly caught fish! How else, we are just in the Delta, the kingdom of water and the wonders of living things that somehow miraculously manage to live in symbiosis, although the balance is fragile and the area is threatened by pollution ... If we were all a little more careful, the place he would be safe and would always welcome us with open arms. And us and our children's children.




I couldn't wait for it to be light!...

...and there was light!

We woke up impatient from the first half of the sun's rays! We wanted so badly to see the water!


The place where we stopped, Camping Casa din Delta, is not only very clean, with beautifully paved alleys and arranged with soul, with freshly mowed lawn and everything looks as if someone wipes the grass from the sunrise before sunrise. , it's even on the shores of Lake Murighiol! When we saw the canal, the pontoon with shade and the boat, more, more, that we wanted to go on the lake right then, in pajamas! Wonderful!



But let's not forget why we came!

After a quick dessert, we joined and urged the team and together with our hosts, for a coffee, we started talking. About how they started, sacrificing a safe job, for the risk of trying to give life to a dream! About how hard it was when the ground was just a shore covered entirely with two meters of reeds. How hard they worked to cut it, to bring good soil, to plant and grow grass, to bring gravel... Work of a crazy and beautiful man!



And it turned out beautiful!


We now enjoy, however, the cleanliness of the place, the lawn and alleys, ideal for our caravan, with the possibility of connection to electricity and water, an impeccably clean toilet and showers with hot water, gazebo with picnic area and sink for washing dishes all matched with a painting made by a simple man with mastery to keep you connected with the landscape and atmosphere, hammocks and quinces picked directly from the tree, sun, sunbeds or some perch caught on the fishing rod right there on the pontoon to be the complete picture!




And this is just the beginning of the Delta! We are just beginning to distinguish the smells, energies and mystery of this blessed place, where the CampMap 2020 expedition brought us!

I don't think there is anyone who doesn't want a covered boat ride, specially arranged for 12-person rides, organized by Gabriel and his own plimbariindeltadunarii.ro, a master driver on the waters of the Delta and a guide with local stories, for an unique experience. And if you came ready to explore the Delta, to fish or to have a private photo session, you can rent one of the ten boats, which the hosts make available to tourists, with or without driver, with license or small motor boats, which does not require a driver's license!





How else, the hosts did not forget the ladies who, if they do not want to accompany the gentlemen in the Delta, fishing, in addition to those already mentioned above, boating on the lake, or fun fishing at the perch, starting with the delicious coffee on the pontoon of the campsite at the edge of the canal, they can be offered information for tourist activities such as hiking in the area, visiting tourist attractions such as Enisala Fortress, Tulcea Danube Delta Ecomuseum Center - the largest aquarium in SE Europe, Orthodox monasteries in northern Dobrogea, Celic-Dere , Saon, Cocos, Valea Teilor or the Măcinului mountains nature reserve. Ladies can also opt for a walk or bike ride through the village of Murighiol that combines the old fishing village with the new tourist village.

If the weather permitting, they can enjoy a bronze session on the sun lounger or, in summer, even a mini pool, provided by the hosts. Or even a total relaxation reading a book in a hammock!




Talking, we managed to unlock the hosts and find out to share with you for the first time some of the important projects to be carried out in the near future here. I found out about the umbrellas that will appear on the campsites for more comfort, a playground for fans, bicycles that will be available for rent, two pavilions near the pontoon for picnics and relaxation on the lake and even the idea of place a few outdoor fitness equipment and equip the location with a few kayaks for walking or rafting sessions on Lake Murighiol with direct departure from the campsite on the canal! Or how about a jug with ambient lights, water heated with wood fire and all matched with a traditional fish meal prepared by you, assisted and learned by the hosts the secrets of the local cuisine with a glass of homemade wine, as an extra plus brought for your relaxation in Camping Casa din Delta!




Moreover, reaching the sensitive point and at the same time the most important for all our readers, namely the price for camping, the hosts presented us with such a decent approach that they surprised us more than pleasant (they were just economists, they know these with the numbers), discussing camping services and free facilities at the Casa din Delta, paying only a fee of 30 RON per person per day! Children under 5 do not pay and those under 12 pay only half the price!

And if the above "more" was not enough, as the campaign of our platform "caravan with advantage" was launched right at them, our hosts themselves became partners in our program, giving a discount of 20 % in extra season and 10% in season, community members with the CampMap sticker!


Is there anything else to add? I think that whatever adventure you plan in the Delta, our hosts today will definitely be the first option for you, tomorrow! See you there! Because we will gladly return whenever we have the opportunity, whether we want a fishing session or just relaxation, in a place of story with nice people!

Good roads, in beautiful places with stories, let's have!

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