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Fines and traffic/camping rules Greece
18 May 2021

Fines and traffic/camping rules Greece

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Ignorance of the legislation of the country we visit does not absolve us of guilt and I can easily ruin your vacation!

Because the summer season is knocking at the door of our caravans but also because it is good to go on the road prepared, we want to come to your aid through this article, with information of real importance for your holiday on wheels in Greece!


In the first phase, let's talk about the fines and their consequences, which can ruin anyone's vacation, but we recommend you to read the last part of our article that presents the Greek legislation regarding off camping!

Fines in Greece can be applied on the spot by police, but cannot be collected, so fines can be paid at post offices or banks within a maximum of 10 days.

Please note, however, that on the territory of Greece, in addition to the suspension of driving licenses by law, the coupon plus license plates are also lifted without the benefit of proof of traffic.

Fines and parking rules

Parking spaces in Greece are marked for residents with blue lines, for tourists or visitors to localities with white lines and for special services with yellow lines

Parking lots with automatic payment are generally with a maximum parking time of 3 hours and schedule as follows:

Days of the week: 09:00 to 21:00

Saturday: 09:00 to 16:00

The fine is 80 € - 40 € payable in 24 hours plus the withdrawal of the permit for 10 days and/or the collection of license plates for up to 20 days without the right to drive

The fine for parking on the places of people with special needs is 150 €  plus the lifting of the permit for 10 days and / or the lifting of the registration plates for up to 10 days without the right of movement

Fines and rules of use of lights

The low beam is optional when driving during the day and is required when driving at night.

Fog spots can only be used in case of fog, snow or heavy rain, alone or in conjunction with the short beam.

The fine for violating the rules of use of the short phase is 80 €.

Fines and rules when traveling with children

Children under the age of 3 can only travel when using safety systems suitable for their weight.

Children under the age of 12 and less than 135 cm in height can be carried in the rear seats only with the help of child seats that allow them to fasten with seat belts.

The fine is 350 €

Fines and rules seat belt

The use of seat belts is mandatory for front and rear passengers. And the use of a safety helmet is mandatory for motorcyclists or scooters and their passengers.

The fine for the car is € 350 and for the motorcycle € 150 plus liabilities for the suspension of the license for up to 30 days

Fine for mobile phone use while driving

The use of mobile phones without handsfree diapositives is strictly forbidden while driving.

The fine for the driver is 100 € and for the motorbike 150 € plus liabilities for the suspension of the license for up to 30 days

Fine use of radar detector

The use of radar detectors is strictly prohibited.

Fine - 2,000 EUR plus suspension of driving license for a period of 30 days and lifting of registration papers and car plates for 60 days.


Descriptive table with other fines applied


Other useful information for drivers

Mandatory car equipment

  • Extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Reflective triangle

The use of winter tires in Greece is optional.

Snow chains are allowed on roads completely covered with snow or ice. In this case, the speed must not exceed 50 km / h.

Camping or wild use of the campsite outside the authorized campsites is strictly PROHIBITED, under very serious sanctions (Law 2160/93, Article 4, § 12 and Law 2741/99 Article 21§1).

Law 2160/93 art. 4 para 12

12. Paragraph 2 of article 10 of law 392/1976 (Government Gazette 199 A`), as amended by article only of law 779/1978 (Government Gazette 89 A`), is replaced as follows:

It is forbidden to set up tents or park caravans in archeological sites, beaches, beaches, public forest edges, and generally public areas, as well as hosting more than one caravan by shopkeepers or individuals.
Violators are punished with imprisonment of up to three (3) months or with a fine or with both penalties, provided that no heavier penalty is provided by another provision, ordered at the same time by the court of their forced expulsion.

Procedure is observed as defined by articles 417 et seq. Of the Code of Criminal Procedure for the investigation and adjudication of misdemeanors on the spot.

Imposition of a fine. Violators are punished with a fine of three hundred (300) euros per person or per camp or per vehicle, imposed by the police or port authority certifying the violation and collected in accordance with the provisions of article 104 of the Road Traffic Code (K.O. K) of Law 2696/1999 (AD57). In inspections by mixed teams, the fine of the fine is imposed by the police body present during the inspection.

As repealed by par.4 Article 51 LAW 4276/2014 with effect on 1/1/2015

extras of official Greece legislation

Drive carefully and have good roads in beautiful places to tell, without events!

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