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Traffic fines Germany
17 May 2021

Traffic fines Germany

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The consequences of exceeding the speed limit in Germany can ruin your vacation

Eager to travel and adventure? Perfect just remember that in all the countries you visit or transit there are different laws, different speed limits and regulations for parking or camping!


In this article we present the table of speeding fines with or without suspension of the right of driving and other fines you might get for driving rules violation in Germany


Speed limit fines!



Parking fines

Fines for violation of parking rules recorded by automatic time control devices:

  • up to 30 minutes - € 10;
  • up to one hour - € 15;
  • up to two hours - € 20;
  • up to three hours - € 25;
  • more than three hours - € 30.


Seat belts fine

The use of seat belts is mandatory for front and rear passengers.

The fine is € 30.

Talking on the phone fine

Do not pick up your cell phone while the engine is running.

The fine is € 60.

Other fines for minor traffic violation



Drive carefully and have good roads in beautiful places to tell stories, without events!


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