Discover the Danube Delta - Expedition 2021 CampMap by Cicobella
16 Nov 2021

Discover the Danube Delta - Expedition 2021 CampMap by Cicobella - caravan trips are a way of life and take you to unexpected places, full of precious moments and nice people that stay in your soul and that you want to talk about

Who doesn't feel like traveling and adventure? If there's anyone, it's not us! We also love travel and adventure!

And that's how we came up with the idea that from caravans to caravans, in addition to the videos from our adventures with the camper CicoBella șand friends, to present to your cottage on wheels, campsites or hosts we visit, building a video story for everyone, thus strengthening your belief that it can be the perfect choice for your vacation! and to make it even easier for you, we add, so the locations with the story will be marked differently in color on the map CampMap developed by us!

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